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What are managed services?

Managed Services are all the things that make your company thrive from an IT standpoint. All your workstations, your network equipment, your printers, your phones, your email, your productivity applications, your business line applications, and much more. Techforce Solutions can help you patch, secure, and optimize your infrastructure for you at a very affordable price. We offer Remote Management of all your devices, migration of your current configuration and data to the cloud, and yearly IT road maps sure to help you scale your business as high as you need it to go. 

There are lots of options for you to choose from such as, Microsoft Office 365 services, dedicated Exchange Servers, Microsoft Azure Cloud solutions, Google Cloud and business application solutions, or Amazon AWS Solutions. We are well trained and can meet the needs of any growing company. Contact us now for a free consultation and IT assessment. 

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    Tell Me The Facts

    about managed services


    Human error causes over 95% of cyber attacks. This is companies that think they can handle things on their own. Let us handle patching, securing, and filtering spam so you don't have to.

    $4.35 Million

    The average cost of a data breach for a company. Losing data is only the beginning. The Public Relations involved, the loss of reputation, the compensation for users, the new equipment and training costs, the list goes on. Let Techforce protect you so you can focus on the important things like growing your company..


    The average number of security breaches for a company in 2022. This is due to computers not being patched, security protocols not being enforced, and email traffice not being filtered or secured. Don't leave your company vunerable.

    Steps For Web Design Success

    • Identify Your Goals

      Let’s have a conversation. Talk about your goals and objectives. This will shape the planning and execution of your new SEO strategy.

    • Discuss Audience

      A website is great to enhance your brand. A web presence is the perfect way to connect with your tribe.

    • Analyze The Market

      Engage in some oppostition research to establish the market for your product or services. Learn the enemy to beat the enemy.

    • Review Designs

      Check out other sites, or mock ups and see what style tickles your fancy. We are web design magicians here at Techforce and make your dream site a reality.

    • Design, Develop & Deploy

      Install Wordpress, load the theme, and then get started building your company's front page.

    • Optimize The Site

      Set up caching, minification, image compression, and various other otimization techniques to deliver a fast and reliable site.

    • Monitor And Tweak

      Run analytics on your new site and measure the effectiveness of it. We will review the reports and make changes as needed.

    Cloud Services 5-Pack

    Affordable for any business need.

    up to 5 users


    Cloud Data Storage up to 250 GB per user

    Email Accounts up to 5 users

    PC Monitoring up to 5 users

    Email Spam Filtering up to 5 users

    Patch Management up to 5 users

    Basic Web Site


    up to 5 users


    All Silver

    Remote Desktop Support up to 5 users

    Microsoft Office or Google Office

    Technology Roadmap

    Printer and Fax Support

    Personal Device Support up to 5 users