Structured Cabling Services

Planning. Design. Insatallation. Testing. Optimization. Content.

What is structured cabling

Structured cabling the best way to keep your cables organized, optimized and efficient. The standards that govern structured cable design are implemented to further an organization’s business goals, including scalability, cost-effectiveness, efficiency gains, and operational flexibility.

Just Give Me The Facts


Electric shocks or fires can cost your company more than some downtime or money. It can cost lives. Improperly secured cables can be a tripping hazard as well. If wires are not easily maintainable, they could pose a security threat. Protect your employees, your company, and your data with safe and effective structured cables.


Whether you are moving locations, adding a new line, or tracing a problem structured cabling makes everything organized, clean, and efficient. You’ll know where each wire goes, it will be labeled, and it is easier to get things up an running.


IT is the fastest changing industry without question. There will undoubtedly be times where you need to add something to your network, update something on your network, or remove something. Save yourself time and energy hunting down connections with an organized structured cabling system. Scale up or down with ease.

Structured Cabling 101

  • Identify Your Goals

    Let’s have a conversation. Talk about your goals and objectives. This will shape the planning and execution of your new cabling strategy.

  • Design Your Network

    Look at your office layout and design the most efficient cabling routes possible. Account for growth strategies for the future as well.

  • Design Your Server Room

    Understand where all your drops are going to end up, how many racks are needed, and determine a cable management solution for organization and safety.

  • Execute the Plan

    Run all the cables according to the designs and terminate the ends. Label everything so that it is easily traceable and identifiable.

  • Test Test Test

    Test all of the data lines and the connectors to ensure things are wired properly and the transfer rate is as expected.