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What's the deal with SEO Anyway?

Arguments today rarely end in an altercation. Nine times out of ten they end in someone saying - Google it! Like when someone is arguing about who won the most Super Bowls as a quarterback in the NFL (spoiler alert! It's Tom Brady), or if someone needs to find a new restaurant, or ask a question about a service they need like a photographer in their area.

This is where Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) comes into play. It is a process were we help your business or service connect to people asking those questions.  We'll uses modern SEO techniques and services, best in class digital practices, to increase your traffic & your rankings for vetted keywords and long-tail phrases that drive business to your site.

Just Give Me The Facts


Consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles. Because who wants to drive far? Be that store.


Images are returned for of search queries on Google. People like to look at stuff not read it. Deliver your images to the right people.


Percentage of pages never get any organic traffic from Google, mostly due to the fact they don’t have backlinks. Let's stop!

8 Steps To Success

  • Identify Your Goals

    Let’s have a conversation. Talk about your goals and objectives. This will shape the planning and execution of your new SEO strategy.

  • Audit Your Site

    We will conduct a comprehesive audit of your current state of affairs. This will give us the baseline we need to measure effectiveness.

  • Analyze The Market

    Engage in some oppostition research to establish the market for your product or services. Learn the enemy to beat the enemy.

  • Keyword Strategy

    Find the right keywords that fit your goals and objectives and give you the best opportunity to succeed in ranking your site.

  • Optimize All The Things

    Images, Text, Blogs, Design, Copy, all of it. If it can be better and will help you succeed we will optimize it.

  • Implement The Plan

    We have done a lot of the leg work, now we need to show up and execute. We will launch your custom plan into action.

  • Monitor And Tweak

    Give it some time, and lets see what we have. Let’s see how we measure to the baseline and tweak things as needed to improve.

  • Report And Reflect

    We deliver custom reports to review the progress and measure goals. We are dedicated to your success.

SEO Packages

Affordable for any business need.

when billed annualy


Perfect solution for a small business or start up who needs an affordable strategy that is flexible and helps them grow.


when billed annualy


Ready to take things to the next level? Us too! Let's implement an aggressive strategy to boost your business.


when billed annualy


When prepackaging is just not your thing. Sometimes only a custom design and implementation will cut it.